Betty Gibbs

I was asked to write a short note.  Difficult.  I have so much I’d like to say to my fellow classmates.  Steve Foster and I should collaborate on a book about the “golden days.”  But for me the title might read – “When Gold Doesn’t Glitter.”  You see, my life from Bushman to SOC was tarnished with emotional pain and even a white Deb Captain’s uniform could only cover the outward appearance with sparkles.  Inside were fear, insecurity and a deep longing to belong.  That’s right – Betty Gibbs, aka Most Popular Senior Girl.  

I think there is a reason why I feel led to share some details, so here goes.  For most of my young years my father was an alcoholic.  Not the movie stereotype, but an honest man battling his own pain.  He was a great provider, just like most of our dads during those wonderful years.  But he was emotionally distant and often physically absent.  I don’t think he ever saw me perform as a Deb.  The last ten years of his life he was a new man.  God was sure on time with that one.  

So what does this have to do with a 45th high school reunion?  Glad you asked.  Because YOU were a part of a larger family that gave me love and support during these times.  You didn’t know that you were the “golden” ones for me.  When I look at the list of departed classmates, I cry every time.  When I see your name, memories instantly come and I laugh or cry, and sometimes do both.  

It’s the real us, guys, being with real friends.  If you’re not here with us, it won’t be complete.  You are that important to so many…especially to me!